Groningen in Terror

According to CNN, Groningen is a ‘young and hip… alternative to Amsterdam’. It has the canals and the ‘classic Dutch buildings’ without the ‘hordes’ of tourists.

Pay your tuition or else

A bailiff at the door: this is something that students could face if they don’t pay their tuition fees on time. Not immediately, but if they wait too long, it could happen.

EOD explodes picric acid

The bomb disposal unit (Explosieven Opruimingsdienst Defensie, or EOD) exploded the two canisters of picric acid that had been found in a lab at Zernike.

Police checks in the dark

It’s dark. You’re late; you jump on your bike and take off. As you hurry through the rain, you can see the light reflecting off police jackets just ahead of you.

Zirconium reveals cancer cells

A new cancer treatment is having spectacular results. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for everyone. Frederike Bensch found a better way to predict who would benefit.

Rap about Godfather Duo

Godfather DUO may haunt your days, but you’ll stack your money anyway. RUG rappers ‘XO Nomit’, ‘Solus’, and ‘Emotional Oliver’ released their latest beat, Studi – about failing grades and study debts.

Doerak is officially a RUG student

Fluffy university cat Doerak received his student ID last Thursday. The well-known tomcat is now officially a student at the University of Groningen.