A shortage of bicycle stewards means the areas around the UB and the Harmonie building are cluttered once again. The new students are leaving their bikes wherever they please.
By Christien Boomsma / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

Normally, there would be five stewards telling the students where they are and aren’t allowed to put their bicycles. But due to ‘circumstances’, they are currently only three. ‘It’s a real shame’, UB facility manager Albert vand der Kloet says. ‘Especially since the academic year has just started.’

Robbert Rossingh, with the UB’s internal service, confirms the problem. The stewards are trying to focus on the busiest spots, but they’re unable to handle the amount of students. ‘We’ve grown complacent. It just goes to show how important their work is.’


For years, the university has struggled to solve the bicycle problem. Wheel clamps, towing the bikes, and posting doormen were insufficient actions to convince students to put their bikes in the bicycle racks or parking facilities. Emergency exits and escape routes got blocked, which was unsafe.

The municipality is looking for new stewards to solve the problem. Interviews with new candidates are currently being held. Rossingh hopes the problem will be solved by next month.