Twenty of these incidents took place during the introduction period. Most of the reports (36) concerned general student associations, but incidents also took place at study associations and sports clubs.

The ACI is actually happy with the increase in reports. ‘This means people feel comfortable reporting something’, the committee writes in its annual report. In 2018, there were twenty-six incidents reported. Interestingly enough, back then, the ACI called this number ‘too high’.


In several cases, the incident concerned an accident. Some of the reports, however, were of fights. Some of these have been reported to the police. ‘In all cases, the ACI feels the boards of the organisations concerned acted correctly after the incident’, the ACI says.

The number of associations that have submitted a plan for their introduction period to the ACI has also increased once again. A total of sixty-seven associations did so this year, five up from last year.

It turns out the ACI is definitely taking these plans seriously. Only sixteen associations’ plans were given the green light, while twenty-nine clubs were sent back to the drawing board.