Groningen in Terror

According to CNN, Groningen is a ‘young and hip… alternative to Amsterdam’. It has the canals and the ‘classic Dutch buildings’ without the ‘hordes’ of tourists.

EOD explodes picric acid

The bomb disposal unit (Explosieven Opruimingsdienst Defensie, or EOD) exploded the two canisters of picric acid that had been found in a lab at Zernike.

The Netherlands is a happy country

What does it mean to be happy? How do you obtain happiness? Professor Dimitris Ballas of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences has some of the answers to these questions.

Unprecedented growth at the RUG

This year, more students than ever came to study at the RUG. 7,969 first-year students enrolled. Of those, 2,944 are internationals.

Scabies on the rise in Groningen

Red bumps, flaky skin? A maddening itch? Then you might have scabies. According to the GGD, the disease is spreading fast among Groningen students.

UK heroes: Safe King’s Day

On Friday, Groningen is celebrating King’s Day, and the royal family is visiting. The UK heroes checked the city to make sure it was safe, and they saw that it was good. Well, almost.

Zernike gets ‘green promenade’

A mile-long ‘green promenade’ with seating and patios is meant to freshen up Zernike’s look, making it more inviting as well as safer and more accessible.