Terrified on two wheels

When you’re studying in Groningen, you can’t do without a bicycle. Internationals don’t only find the Dutch cycling culture strange; sometimes they find it downright scary.

Student not sure what degree is for

Disturbing news this week: a local student entering his third year realized with sudden, gut wrenching clarity that he still doesn’t know what his degree is for.

Council criticizes emergency housing

The university council is unhappy with the emergency facilities the university is offering homeless internationals, in particular the camp of tents.

The Academic Year in Review

The year is drawing to a close. We at the Ukrant have compiled a list of some stories from 2017 and 2018 you might remember.

Germans and ‘Bevrijdingsdag’

Last week, the UKrant published a story about how German students experienced the Dutch national Remembrance and Liberation days. It turned out they’re quite uncomfortable. But not all Germans feel this way, says German RUG student Max Heintzen.