Unprecedented growth at the RUG

This year, more students than ever came to study at the RUG. 7,969 first-year students enrolled. Of those, 2,944 are internationals.

Art of war

According to Marion, being a student is a work of art. But each year, some students also engage in the art of war.

Generation trap

Apparently, there is a maximum age at which a person is expected to have completed their education, Marion finds out. She never knew.

The Jordan Method

Marion has learned over the years that communication is often more about conveying a feeling than simply choosing the right words.

Op-ed: FBSS protest

Employees of the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences are fed up. They explain their objections to the current housing plans in an open letter, which is undersigned by 120 staff members.

Acculturative stress

In her ongoing quest to find gainful employment in the Netherlands, Marion is confronted with an open secret: it’s not about what you know, but rather who you know.

Audacity to aspire

By Marion Robinson I sat around the table of university students and realized that, of the things we had in common, the most salient was that we were all from developing countries of the world. In that moment I thought about the thousands of miles we were from home, family and familiarity. I quietly contemplated […]

Humans of psychology

Universities should train psychology students in how to take care of themselves in addition to teaching them how to teach their patients to do the same.

Psychology resuming numerus fixus

The psychology programme will start using a numerus fixus (fixed quota) system again. Starting in the 2017-2018 academic year, a maximum of 600 students will be accepted.