Monitoring the Montenegro election


Last week, Milo Djukanovic was re-elected as president of Montenegro, but don’t ask how. RUG students Maarten Lemstra, Troy Segaar, and Paul Evers served as election monitors. Sometimes things went wrong.

‘I’ve got a roof over my head’

One hundred international students have moved into the temporary shelter at the Van Swietenlaan. It’s not exactly homey, but the RUG is working hard to turn it into something nice.

Student stops intruder

Wednesday afternoon, a female student detained a 19-year-old intruder in her student house and turned him over to the police.

‘Yantai’ behind closed doors

The spatial sciences faculty council wants to decide whether or not they will give their consent to Yantai behind closed doors.

‘Threshold too high’

Students who sit on an association board will soon have access to a new arrangement for tuition-free studying. But student party SOG feels the threshold for that arrangement is much too high.

FBSS brings in mediator

A mediator will have to ensure that employees of the psychology department and faculty board members can find common ground.

RUG adjusting introduction period

The RUG will be making some adjustments to the introduction period for students. In the interest of integration, the changes are meant to make it more appealing for foreign students to come to Groningen sooner.

Students ‘screwed over’

The abolition of the basic grant has not actually led to investments in higher education, according to the ISO and LSVb. That means that the promise made to students has been broken, they say.

Groninger Museum for free

Since September, the Groninger Museum has been running an experiment in which students could visit the museum for free. This proved to be such a success that the museum wants to extend the policy permanently.